Welcome to the collaborative wiki for the Ikasan Enterprise Integration Platform (EIP). The Ikasan Enterprise Integration Platform and associated Ikasan Connector Libraries provide off-the-shelf bullet proof integration solutions based on architected open standards for the integration of financial applications.

IkasanEIP is an Open Source Java based project which is completely FREE to use.

Mission Statement

To create, as a community, a world-class Enterprise Integration Platform for the Financial sector where robust integration solutions can be created through simple APIs and XML configuration.

About Ikasan

The Ikasan Enterprise Integration Platform (EIP) addresses the problem domain most commonly known as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Enterprise application integration can be, and already has been, approached a number of different ways by a number of projects/vendors, both Open Source and closed commercial frameworks. It is the intention of the Ikasan Enterprise Integration Platform to address this domain as commoditised configurable solutions rather than another development framework.



Ikasan EIP (version 0.7.x) is licensed under the LGPL ver 3.0 open source license.

Ikasan EIP (version 0.8.0 upwards) is licensed under the Modified BSD open source license.