The project started as an in-house enterprise application integration (EAI) solution in 2001. Since then the technologies and platforms have changed, but the fundamental architectural concepts have remained and been strengthened over a number of milestones.


  • 2001 - EAI architecture concepts implemented on a closed vendor platform for application integration in an investment bank
  • 2001/2004 - Around 30 different internal and external financial applications are integrated on this platform (total business traffic valued at 12 billion GBP per day) and the architecture refined and strengthened
  • 2005 - Open Source platform options reviewed to reduce vendor lock-in. Platform technologies selected and the EAI code base begins porting to EJB and a very young IkasanEIP was born
  • 2006 - Initial financial application integration solutions using IkasanEIP presented at JBossWorld, Las Vegas and JBoss/RedHat Tokyo office opening
  • 2007 - The heavier weight J2EE frameworks found to be too restrictive and complex. Investigation and subsequent adoption of light-weight frameworks began
  • 2009 - ikasanEIP donated as an Open Source project and made publicly available on SourceForge
  • 2011 - IkasanEIP milestone release 0.9.x provides a more modular platform

The Problem Domain