The Ikasan EIP community uses IRC for real time chat. You'll usually find a bunch of users and developers hanging out there discussing various Ikasan EIP issues!

Connection Details

  • Hosting provider: freenode
  • Channel to join: #ikasaneip

How to use IRC

IRC Clients

Quick Start

If you are new to IRC clients, then this will get you started on how to use one. I will be explaining the steps for using Pidgin chat client to join our project's IRC channel. The steps will be similar for other IRC clients too.

  • Download Pidgin Select the right one based on which Operating System you want to install it on.
  • Follow the instructions to install it on your system.
  • Open Pidgin (on *nix OS, you just have to run the pidgin command)
  • Click Manage Acccount -> Add
  • Select protocol IRC
  • Give an username which you want to use while joining the IRC channel(s)
  • Enter the server name as
  • Leave the password field empty
  • Enable the account
  • Under Buddies, select "Add a Chat"
  • In the channel textbox, enter #ikasaneip
  • You can leave the rest of the fields empty and click on Add
  • Right click on the newly added channel and select "Join"

That's it! You now have joined the project's IRC channel.

For more FAQs on how to use Pidgin: